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A Brief Overview of Tenant Law Action & Tenant Claims

As a general rule, the balance of power between tenants and landlords lies with the landlord. This can leave some tenants feeling vulnerable to neglect or willful wrongdoing by the property owner. Many landlords abide by the minimum standards for local and state habitability standards but there are some who put profit ahead of legal responsibility.

Contingency fee attorneys, like Tenant Law Action, play a critical role in providing access to justice and helping tenants realize their full rights.

These matters typically aren’t due to a broken latch, lease question, or other one-off issues, they are matters that build up and unfold over a long period of time.

Tenant Law Action can help seek restitution for tenant habitability issues and personal injury claims. Before that long process can begin, the tenant needs to create a clear record of communication and detailed list of grievances with the landlord. This is a critical aid to our firm’s investigation and the ensuing legal process. It also provides you, the tenant, with a vital timeline of events and is the very first step for you to better know your rights and advocate for yourself.

As part of empowering self-advocacy, creating a clear record of communications and efforts to persuade a landlord to resolve problems is paramount for the tenant. Guiding clients through the process of self-advocacy both engages them in their case and empowers them to make difficult decisions in response to inadequate resolutions, or lack thereof, to their efforts. Oftentimes this means abandoning their home.

Benefits of Self Advocacy

  • Empowers you to build self-esteem, confidence and self worth.
  • Helps you understand the collaborative nature that is an attorney-client relationship.
  • Increase strength of subsequent claim by the attorney adding value to evidence.

Breakdown of Initial Letter to Landlord

  • Summary of past events.
  • Action requested to be taken.
  • Statement of impact on how your quality of life has been negatively impacted to gain empathy from the landlord.

Remember, it’s important to be clear, straightforward and without as much hostility as possible. The ultimate result is a peaceful resolution with the landlord and a fix to the problems or aid for the injuries you’ve suffered. With Tenant Law Action’s help, you will be able to address your landlord in your own voice and get a better sense of your rights in this matter and all the options to come to a resolution.

Your Next Steps: Seek Allies

  • Report habitability issues to the local building/health department.
  • Hire qualified professionals to obtain supporting reports.
  • Communicate your efforts with healthcare providers to ensure the connection between their health and home are part of your medical records to ensure this is linked with your efforts to seek a resolution.

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