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We've protected renters from injustice, with a focus on mold, habitability issues, and personal injury for 19 years and counting.

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Tenant Rights & Mold

We specialize in helping clients recover for their personal injuries and economic losses caused by all habitability issues. Especially those caused by toxic mold in the household.

Personal Injury

We have had much success in helping clients recover monetary damages related to personal injury but related to tenancy and other situations.

Class Action Litigation

We have extensive experience using class action claims to benefit large groups of tenants who are collectively experiencing unlawful hardship.  

A Story

of our Work

There were so many nights that I found myself working in coffee shops just to avoid my landlords. It added up fast. For the $150/month extra I was spending to get a coffee and work, away from my landlords, I could have rented something better, but couldn't because of my lease. Eric found a way to get me out, and I'm forever grateful.

- Emily. A

This is what our clients have to say

Mold was everywhere [in our home]. You could smell it all over my clothes and in my hair. We had to throw everything away. Eric took care of everything for us; he did more than he needed to do. Now we have a nice house—with no mold. I’m very lucky to have him as an attorney."

Kathy T.

I was referred to this firm by another lawyer. I found Eric to be quick, polite, professional and no nonsense. They helped me win a HUGE settlement, plus they advised me on a second residency issue as well. I’m very happy with the attorneys and staff.

Richard C.

Our apartment started leaking, and our landlord would come to "fix" the leaks, which resulted in the ceiling cracking, and chunks of plaster dripping into our food as we cooked. Now, we are living in a peaceful neighborhood, all thanks to Eric helping us out of the situation.

Ara A.

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